Compressed Movie Reviews

During my procrastination and now newly free time, I have watched quite a few movies recently. Here’s my quick opinion on some of them: 

  • Bright Star: This is definitely a movie for the females and probably a slightly older and educated demographic too. It is based on a true story between the famous romantic poet, John Keats and his blossoming relationship. The movie focuses on his poetry, the pretty countryside nature scenes, colourful costumes and their doomed love story. I found it interesting, but it is a bit slow so it’s not one for the guys who want action, action, action. Maybe take your mother? /5
  • 9: An animated feature that forgot animations now need a plot and characters with personality to actually succeed. An excuse could be that each of the characters are only 1/9th of a whole personality, but really? I sat through this movie waiting for a story and climax that never eventuated. Nine hessian sack puppets who try to save the world, after robots and humans have destroyed it. Thin premise, but some IMDBers disagree. Maybe you will like it? /5
  • Away We Go: Now this was a surprise. This is not a big budget movie that’s going to be advertised like crazy. From the opening scene, you know it’s going to be unconventional. Slightly quirky couple go on a road trip through USA and Canada in search of the perfect family setting to raise their soon-to-be born. Strange, hilarious and awkward encounters ensue laughter. This one is a goodie and definitely worth watching! ½/5



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