Re-start your engines

Time to crank this up again! 

I know, I know. I have been MIA for quite a while and this will actually be my first entry for the year! It nicely coincides with CA resuming again.
Study -> procrastination -> blogging

Readers should be pleased to know I’m actually achieving one of my new year resolutions and it’s the harder one. Went back to work in the new year and saw on the intranet about a 21-Day Challenge which entitled me to gym access for free! Score! Since completing the 21-Day Challenge, I am now a fully-fledged paying member of the work gym Unfortunately, I have yet to lose any weight or body fat, but I seemed to have become stronger, being able to do more than 4 push-ups now Also unfortunate is that according to the gym supervisor, she thinks losing weight is only 30% attributable to exercise, with the rest related to food. I love food too much!

I have yet to visit the library though… Given that CA resumes in 2 weeks, the resolution will probably have to wait.

A funny thing. My blog got a little promotion on Contagious Network’s sample guide for members. I’m a little embarrassed now


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