Movie review time

She’s Out of My League: What happens if you’re just a typical “5” working as a lowly TSA agent, but a “10” hottie actually shows interest in you? Ensue egging from friends, detailed explanations of how this complicated rating system works, main character’s feelings of insecurity and awkward, but amusing moments Is it just me, or does there now seem to be an obligatory depilatory scene in every movie now… No waxing involved this time, at least! A silly movie, though worth the watch especially if you are into low-brow humour – which I watch more than my fair share of! /5
Kick-Ass: A very hyped up movie that definitely deserves the hype. Main character is a typical teenage comic geek who does more than dream about being a super hero, he becomes one: Kick-Ass (with the help of a scuba diving wet suit). His first incident of bravery, somehow, conveniently damages his nerve endings, allowing him to really become somewhat of a superhero and achieve worldwide YouTube fame. Before long, he finds himself in a whole lot of trouble than he originally bargained for. Kick-Ass isn’t really the star of the show, a young super-hero associate called Hit-Girl is – master trained up by Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage). It’s rated MA for a good reason with ample swearing, violence and gore, but you’ll enjoy it! /5

Good Hair: Interesting documentary about female black hair, presented by Chris Rock. You got to have at least some interest in hair, socio-culture or be black (African-American) to truly appreciate this, I think. Chris Rock’s humorous narration adds a very enjoyable touch. I found it insightful and learnt quite a few things about black hair culture, such as black women are very sensitive about their (mostly weaved) hair. Tip: Don’t ever touch it! Actually, there’s another tip in the movie as well, but it’s too naughty to post here  ½/5


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