Animal Kingdom Review

Animal Kingdom: Opening 3 June 2010 in Australia. 

This Australian movie, filmed in the streets of Melbourne, Victoria, tells the story of young Josh (James Frecheville’s debut) and his extended criminal family. We are opened into his life with the scene of his eerily calm reaction to his mother’s overdose to which he is then adopted by his grandmother. His grandmother is the crime family matriarch of three sons. Very soon, her star son (played by Joel Edgerton) is killed by the Armed Robbery Squad prompting eldest son, ‘Pope’ (Ben Mendelsohn), to commit vicious murders of two rookie cops and thus the movie’s tension escalates. Josh’s (J) life is quickly catapulted into the world of wrong versus right, as vigilante police (including Guy Pearce) try to convince that J can rescue the whole situation.

There’s a sense of foreboding and tension throughout the movie and you feel like something is going to go wrong any time. There are a few times here and there where you think that it feels a little bit long, but the pace usually quickly picks up again. It’s not an all-out bang, bang, shoot-em-up movie, but more of a criminal story that just wants to be told. The filming style also reminded me of another Australia movie, The Square. Even though they were both Australian, they did have different directors. There was also a scene that was filmed downstairs of my work! Also I couldn’t believe how much Ben Mendelsohn had aged. I remembered quite a few years ago he was touted as one of those “hot” stars to watch, but his character was so hateful and ugly. It needed more Joel Edgeton, but that’s just my own personal bias For Australian movies, this is pretty good.

Check it out!



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