Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Icons

This month, Mecca Cosmetica are promoting their Beauty Icons. These are beauty products which have achieved special star power, either through strategically marketed PR hype or they just actually work!

Going one further, they are offering different deluxe sample packs to those booking makeovers or via Vogue magazine coupon redemption With the Vogue coupon, I dropped by the Myer Melbourne store yesterday and received these 5 free goodies!

The photo turned out too blue (my weak PS skills didn’t help), but I receved the following in a foil zip-lock bag:

I think each pack might have slightly different beauty icons, so you may not receive exactly the same items. To get an idea of other possible items, check out the Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Icons Box; this is only available with a $90 redeemable makover.

Late bloomer note, but I finally discovered in-store why Stila Kitten eyeshadow is so popular! It gives a lovely creamy iridescent champagne glow/shimmer without obvious particles of mica or glitter. Would have loved to get the Kitten refill in my bag!


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