Biotherm Express Facial

During my lunch break last Thursday, I managed to sneak in a Biotherm Express Facial.
This usually costs $35, but last month I went to Are You Game? where they had a Biotherm tent offering a card for a complimentary appointment at Biotherm counters. 

I forgot the difference that a facial can make! I had my facial at Melbourne Myer. I was led into a warm and relatively quiet room (could still hear some muffled construction noise in the background) with the “bed” in the middle. I was relieved that I wasn’t going to be in front of passer-by customers. I was treated to a very relaxing facial – a retreat from a very busy workday. Honestly, I had no idea what products were used on me, but I didn’t mind. This just meant that the Biotherm consultant did not try to [up]sell me.

The facial went on for about 30 minutes and I think I had a cleansing, hydrating mask, multiple mist sprays, moisturiser and eye cream. A facial reminds you of the face washing and moisturing techniques that you forget to do at home – or are just too tired or time-pushed. These are mainly just ensuring the face is always had some moisture (e.g. via a mist spray) and very firm massinging of the cleanser and moisturiser.

Somehow in the middle of the facial, she found out that I could speak Cantonese, which stressed me out a little bit I had to continue the chatter in Cantonese, which I am only good at specific topics.

I left the session with my face feeling very hydrated. For the few days afterwards, my face felt very soft, the skintone was more even and my pores also appeared smaller. It’s been a week since the facial, so unfortunately my skin isn’t as great any more. If I had the funds, it would be great if I could have facials weekly or even just every few months, rather than once a year because I got a voucher!


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