Isn’t she so Easy A*?

*It’s supposed to be a bad play on words; isn’t she so easy, eh? 

On Wednesday, I attended an advanced screening of a new high school comedy, Easy A.
I’m an avid fan of watching trailers and a few months ago I came across two that made me really want to rush out and see those movies now, now, now!
They were Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Easy A. I was lucky to also watch Scott Pilgrim in advance and it is one really awesome movie! Definitely go see it

However, enough about Scott, I’m here to talk about Easy A.

Easy A is the very funny story of how the smart Olive, a self-determined “nobody” student, works her way up the vicious US high school social hierachy. One salacious lie overhead in the girl’s bathroom and too soon, she becomes as the school “tramp” – despite never ever having slept with anyone. The A in Easy A is a reference to The Scarlet Letter, where the main character was an adulteress forced to wear an A on her clothing as punishment. The school’s Christian group, led by the overenthusiastic Marianne (played by Amanda “I retired” Bynes), are desperate to save Olive and boys everywhere offer her fake trysts, for Olive to keep her newly established reputation. What goes up, must go down right?

Note that Olive has some crazy parents, so watch out for their scenes! Olive is played by the fiery Emma Stone, who puts on very a lively performance. Easy A is an enjoyable movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Worth watching. /5


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