I can’t describe how sad and disappointed I feel in words now, but I will try I need to get it out. 

A few weeks ago, I interviewed for two quite different organisations. One is within the State government and another is a very large listed corporation. I would have to say both roles were quite different, but the corporation role would have been a very plum role, despite a very high chance of much longer hours, which would have been justified anyway based on the package…

Late this week, I finally seemed to be getting some progress with a recruiter calling me that the State government role was very likely to make an offer to me, as I was the preferred candidate. Exciting, I thought! However, I told him the truth that my first preference lies with the corporation. Now, I had interviewed for the corporation one week before the government role and I had not heard anything back! Now knowing that I may have some power (based on the advice from one of my very helpful references), I pushed to gather more information about the corporation role.

With a little bit of prodding yesterday, unfortunately it turned out that the project that I had interviewed for had been pulled and did not receive internal funding approval. I was also told that I would have definitely been made an offer! I am thoroughly disappointed that this internal governance was not sorted out before they sought out candidates and called them for interviews. I feel that this was very unfair to all the candidates involved and even moreso to the candidates that would have been successful. It was like false hope for all of us. I can’t help but think I would have been offered this if you sorted the funding and approval out before advertising. Applying for government roles, I’ve gone for my fair share of “fake” roles, wasting my time writing lengthy key selection criteria responses only to be not considered as there was already someone acting in the position. So, I expect “fake” roles or ones that never eventuate from some particular advertisers, but not from such a large corporation. I’m really disappointed. That said, I would definitely consider applying for another position from this corporation, but I will have to ensure that the internal process required have all been approved. This might sound strange and I may reneg on the following, but somehow I feel more disappointed being told that I would have got this role, rather than if I had been told I was not a successful candidate and I needed to work on A, B, C, etc. It’s like here some delicious chocolate *chocolate is snatched away* Nup, you can’t have it anymore!

You might say that I’m focusing on the negatives and I probably am. It’s this disappointment that’s taking over me. It’s all very fresh. On the other hand, I can definitely see some positives.

The fact that I went for two interviews at two different organisations and would’ve been offered at both organisations is definitely a plus. It means my resume is finally up to scratch and I interview well (apparently). If I was to be flippant, I could remark that this was a 100% success rate Given this success rate, the two different recruiters I have used may see me as a valuable “product/service” and therefore in the future, are more likely to recommend me roles over others.

Also, I will be offered a new role, so in some respect I have achieved a goal. Note that I am saying I will be offered because there’s still some administration that I have to submit, otherwise it sounds like a shoe-in. Additionally, last week I was called up out of the blue from an old colleague recommending me to apply for a temporary position in her new organisation. Things are picking up definitely, but they have just picked up below my expectations. Oh how much I wanted that corporation role

This will take me some time to get over.


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