Grass is greener?

Last week, I started a new job (as hinted in Disappointment). I was quite anxious to get out from where I was due to various reasons which I will not go into here. I know it’s only been a week, but I’m already unsure about this role. It’s probably due to that I can’t stop comparing it to another offer that never eventuated (also mentioned in the prior blog entry).

At the time of accepting the offer, my goal was to get out of where I was, highly preferably with a promotion – and private sector would be a bonus. I got out of there and I got a promotion out of it, but it wasn’t private sector. The non-existent offer would have been all three plus a definite career change.

I am finding that I am comparing my new role to both the non-existent offer and my old role. I know it’s only been a week, but there are already many things that seemed better in the old role. The grass is always greener, hey? I don’t really have much of a team in my new role. I am currently being given a handover and once this person leaves, it’s a small team of two! This means I can’t ask for peer support as the only other person in my team is the manager. Once again, I know it’s only early days, I feel like I don’t know anything and there are lots of things to know! I have a strong feeling that although the manager may be very nice and pleasant to deal with, I’m not sure she knows all the detail, nor is it her position to know it either. This small team also means I know much less people. I have no idea how I’ll get to meet more people. People also tend to be more older in this Department. I know my previous Department is known for being one of the much younger Departments (and divisions!), but it does feel a little “strange”. I think, in office situations, I’ve always worked in organisations with a younger average age. This doesn’t mean I can’t relate with older people – in fact, some good work “buddies” in the old Department were actually “older”.

I don’t know really…


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