Can’t sleep

It’s about 5am on a work day and I’m awake. I went to bed at some time just past midnight. I couldn’t sleep. There was one thing that I had been thinking about for a little, so I thought to quell the thinking, it’d be a good idea to just get up and do it. And so I did it and tried to go back to sleep. This was at 1:30. From about then to 4am I just kept tossing and turning hoping to relax into sleep. At 4, I made the “executive” decision to call in sick at work and let my manager know that I wouldn’t be able to come in (again).

It’s not a good start to the new role. It’s only my second week and yesterday I left at 10:10am because I felt nauseous and I think I only got about 4 hours sleep falling asleep after 3am.

I usually do not have troubles falling asleep, but my routine has been broken recently. I did not have difficulty falling asleep during my Christmas and New Year break, but I was sleeping slightly later on average, probably between 1 to 2am. I was also sleeping in a lot, feeling even more tired. Plus, for a majority of the time, I was sleeping in a different bed with someone next to me. A new job at a different organisation has also meant that I have lost access to my previous work gym. I have definitely been less active over the past fortnight with no treadmill or yoga and circuit classes. A break has also meant I have had the time to think about things, but not fully digest them, hence issues are just buzzing in my brain. A new work situation is also a little stress internally. I think a lengthy entry is called for in my personal diary, which will hopefully help quiet down my sleeping mind.

Challenges for today to reset my sleep cycle

  • Resist the urge to not nap! I know I will get very sleepy especially during the afternoon. As a matter of fact, I actually feel sleepy now. However, is there any point sleeping for 2.5 hours and then having to wake up for work? I’m going to try to get a doctor’s appointment, so I can get a certificate as well :S If I succumb to the nap temptation, I will only allow myself “micronaps” of not over 30 minutes!
  • Fast after 3:40pm. Based on the concepts discussed in this article, Easy Way to Reset Your Sleep Cycle, my desired breakfast time is 7:40am. The idea is to fast for 16 hours before your waking time and to break the fast with a circadian rhythm resetting breakfast!
  • Keep myself busy. Maybe some actual exercise and I will definitely do my new year’s resolution entry today!

Wish me sleepy goodness!


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