Health kick!

Last year, I joined a gym and finally regularly exercised for the first time in my life. I even found myself enjoying it actually! Unfortunately, it was disappointing that I never ended up losing any weight. Therefore, this year, I will work harder to actually make some visible changes in my body shape.

The overarching rule of losing weight is calories in < calories out. This can be done by increasing activity or reducing eating, or even better yet both! Last year, although my resolution was only to use a gym regularly, I really wanted to lose some weight. I was hoping that I could do it by just increasing activity. It didn’t work. I stayed the same weight and often after a good gym sessions, I felt voracious! I probably ended up undoing the good work many times! The old gym supervisor kept harping on about more salads and I was like *Salad?! Yuck!”. Although salads are probably one of the key meals in losing weight, the point is eat less calories. It is said that losing weight is 70% eating, 30% exercise.

Therefore, I’m going to keep better track of my eating habits too. This week I started using Livestrong’s My Plate. There are probably many similar sites like this, but this one seems to have a large database of foods. A large negative is that it’s US centric, so nearly all measurements are in oz, lb, etc, which I do not understand. Despite my love for the SI metric system, I do prefer to count in calories rather than kJs, so on the calorie-counting regard, this site works for me. I think I’m just scared of the bigger numbers used in kiloJoules 😛 The more food you eat, the more of a chore it becomes to add it in. This alone can be a discouragement to eat more! I’ve only started tracking for a few days. Been going okay, but it’s a bit disheartening to see how quickly and easily the calories add up 😦

In relation to the exercise, I’ve now lost access to my old work gym, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve. I will use this 2 week trial at Fitness First starting from Monday and then rejoin my old work gym on an upfront contractor rate. I would usually never touch Fitness First with a 1km pole, but I was given a month’s membership for Christmas, so I see it as an opportunity to maybe somehow work out together, even though we would probably be doing completely different exercises. Once I rejoin the old work gym, hopefully I can resume my old schedule as per last year, minding work commitments!


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