Health Kick Update 2

I can’t believe it’s already the end of January! It has gone by fast!

The weekend was definitely representing a negative downward trend in my calorie restriction diet. It all started with a yoghurt treat after my lunch. It was like I fell off the bandwagon, per se. At least today is a Monday; a good time to start anew!

Unfortunately my Fitness First 2 week pass has expired. It was fun being able to exercise or at least be in the same gym as I., but there’s no way I’m paying $100 a month for a gym! I will definitely miss all the classes there. Does anyone know if there are any great home videos of Les Mills type Body Attack or Body Combat workouts? Whilst the ex-work gym is very affordable, the classes pale in comparison and they are mostly on during lunchtime. It will mean I will have to be strict about my gym routine.

On a positive note, I seemed to have lost (a tiny bit of) weight – if it hasn’t crept back on from the weekend’s overindulgence. In order to continue the weight loss, I need to make sure I keep a constant watch on my calorie intake!


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