Health Kick Update 3

It’s now been over a full month that I’ve been keeping track of net calories.

I have to say this calorie counting is working and it’s mainly because I am keeping much better tabs on my food intake. My most troublesome issue are the weekends. I’d say I eat “OK” during the weekdays, but weekends are like my “cheat meals” days! Almost every meal is eaten out and we all know outside food usually adds extra calories, due to extra butter, cream, sugar, etc. used in the preparation to make it taste better. Weekends also tend to be less active as they are not gym days and I’m usually not out of bed until after noon. The only “positive” regarding intake calories on the weekends is that I don’t usually have a breakfast meal, adding less calories to the overall largess on weekends. Except, as we all know, breakfast is supposed to be good for you. This weekend fared better than previous weekends due to a lot of walking to check out the Japanese Summer Festival at Docklands – which was a disappointment by the way… I’ll have to find more things to do on the weekends, so we are both walking a lot 🙂 It’ll only do us both good!

As of last Monday when I weighed myself, I am still above a certain number, but I expect that I will get below that certain number hopefully in a month’s time, given current trends in weight loss. However, I know as I reach closer towards my goal weight, that trend will start to feel asymptotic.

In related news, Special K bars are the bomb! The site and advertising says they are 100 calories, but they are actually only 88, plus they have chocolate!!! I’m running out, so I need to replenish stocks soon!


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