Health Kick Failure

Oh my goodness. Talk about bingeing! 😯

I am 1,256 calories over my calorie goal today. That’s crazy! I’ve had similar days (on the weekends), but they usually come from eating out and eating large slabs of steak, hamburger, pizza, pasta, etc. Not 1,000+ excess calories on junk. Have I deprived myself over the month or so that much that I needed to binge? The worst is that I still feel like more.

Not a good start to my stronger willpowered week! I am still feeling quite sniffly and tired, which discouraged me from going to the gym. Going to the gym would have prevented this disaster… Why doesn’t my appetite go when I am sick? Why does the go other way, ravenously?!

Looks like I won’t be losing any weight this week. I’ll be lucky if I don’t go up!


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