Health Kick Update 4

This weekend was bad. I felt like I couldn’t exert any self-control. Got home on Sunday and went straight to the delicious Rolo Overload ice-cream despite seeing the much healthier grapes in the fridge, which on a better day I would’ve definitely chosen. I ended up having the grapes as well afterwards…

Then after dinner I felt like some chocolate, so I thought I’d have one quality dark chocolate Lindt ball to satisfy cravings. It wasn’t enough and I caved in to a Special K raspberry bar from a newly bought pack. My weak willpower continued and I grabbed another milk chocolate Lindt ball soon after. Talk about an extra 250 calories in only a matter of minute eating duration.

Then, instead of being a good little girl, I opted to watch new episodes of Glee, rather than continue doing my Zumba and the 30 Day Shred videos.  They both only take 20 minutes each, so why didn’t I do any of them?! 😥

I don’t feel very well and I really don’t think what I did on Sunday made my body any better. There was a lady on the treadmill next to me last Monday who kept coughing and sneezing, spluttering all her insidious and vaporous germs all onto me. I’ve been paranoid ever since. I really hope it hasn’t caught to me. I did wake up on Sunday feeling quite crap and I only feel mildly better. I need to look after myself better. If I can be fit and healthy, I can boost my immunity!

Here’s to a stronger week!


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