tanoshii.ki is now a Chartered Accountant (CA)

w00t! As of Thursday, 24th February 2011, I was accepted as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia.

At the moment, I’m not sure what the real benefits are, especially compared to when I was a candidate member, however I am eager to be a mentor for CA candidates or even CPA associate studying members!

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3 thoughts on “tanoshii.ki is now a Chartered Accountant (CA)

  1. Congratulations! Like many others posting recently I cam across your critical file post, as I too have done 3/4 of the technical units, and I am now one of those people commenting whilst on the audi tmodule (4th and last one) this trimester. I also wondered about whether to bother doing one given i’d ran out of time (very last minute crammer) in all 3 units and passed without a crit file.

    I did notice that the clp this time was distcintively stopping to run through auditing standards and asking us to prepare our crit fle while doing this.. which led me to google what others thought 😀

    But congratulations on being a CA. Out of curiousity – on that crit file post, you mentioned you weren’t working in accounting and yet passed your technical units. It made me curious – just why exactly are you doing the CA if you are not working in any accounting field?

    Not that I have anything wrong with that, just sheer curiousity.

    Congrats!!!!!!! 😀 Pay rise?! 😀

    1. Thanks Warren. I do recall certain CLPs specifically mentioning the critical file, but it doesn’t mean it’s compulsory. Good luck with your last technical module and EBA to come!

      I do actually work in accounting, but I don’t work for an accounting firm, e.g. Big 4, etc. Unfortunately, there was no automatic pay rise for me, given my workplace and sector. Instead I sought out alternative positions to get that pay rise. Similarly, I was never rewarded for performing well in my CA studies, like achieving Merits, which I know many accounting firms make a big song and dance about.

  2. Hi

    Im doing AAA112 now, any tips for that? the CLP is so thin!! It’s got just the heading and then, go read the standards etc argh. Do we actually need to read the ASA’s in full?

    Also, what is EBA like? do u really need to recall what u did in prior modules?


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