Health Kick Update 6

It’s been a little while since my last Health Kick Update post.

I’ve been keeping at it in the gym, but probably I think my calorie intake progress has declined. I think if I kept at my calorie goals I would have been able to achieve my 1st stage goal weight by the end of March. Hoping that I haven’t actually gained since my last weigh in, I will probably be at least 1 kilo above.My last weigh in was a few weeks ago on the gym office scale, which also has a body fat reader. I was happy that I was finally under a particular number and even happier to have such a reduced body fat percentage compared to last year, but there’s still lots more work to be done! I told the gym supervisor I wanted to get to 55kg; this should be achievable this year, but only if I keep watching my calorie intake!

During late February, I was reading this book called the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss of Four Hour Work Week fame. He goes into insane details, but what I really picked up was to rekindle the relationship with the kettlebell swing. The gym supervisor had put it on my program last year, but a) I don’t seem to stick very well to programs and b) the kettlebell swing was such a pain. Tim Ferriss has now convinced me that it’ll really give me real results, so I’m trying to fit in kettlebell swings in every gym session I go. I still find it a really awkward move though… Thrust those hips in the air, baby!

With respect to my eating, during March my intake has been way more than my net calorie goals. It’s like I’ve gone back to old and bad habits. The past few weeks, I’ve been back on the ice cream, chocolate, other junk food and even picking up extra calorific items (like Honeydew Pearl Milk Tea, Soft Serve cones, Choc-Honeycomb yoghurts, etc) during my walks. Occasionally, this is fine, but it’s been happening more than a few times a week. If I’ve learnt anything about losing weight the past few months, it’s that nothing will shift those kilos for me unless I stick to my net calorie goals. The exercise will not really change anything much.

Given that yesterday (Monday) was a public holiday, today is another new start; a new opportunity!


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