Exercise/My Gym Program (Health Kick Update 7)

Currently I work out three times a week in the gym, usually on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I really try to go the three times, i.e. sometimes, I won’t be able to go on the Tuesday and I will just shift my gym program a day later.

Monday: Running (Treadmill)
I am trying to achieve 5km in under 30 minutes, which is usually inclusive of 5 minutes warm-up walking. I was using the C25k as a guide, but I never followed it to a tee. If I did, theoretically I would have achieved this late last year… I am currently clocking about 33 minutes for 5km, but this includes the 5 minute warm-up of walking, 5 minutes of more walking in between to regain breath and about 5 minutes at the end of HIIT/tabata style running so I can make under 35 minutes. This is all at zero level resistance and I’ve worked up my running speed to about 10.3km/hr. I think to get to 5km in 30 minutes (inclusive of the 5 minute warm-up), I have to get my running speed to 11km/hr.
After the running, I do a few stretches, minor resistance exercises and kettlebell swings for about 10-15 minutes.

Tuesday: Weight Training
Admittedly, I am a bit lost as to what to really do on Weight Training days. With running, there’s a definite goal; reach 5km and you’re done. With weight training, you sort of need to prepare or follow a circuit. I’ve previously mentioned I’m not very good at following structured programs. However, my current “inspiration” is from the Four Hour Body chapter ‘Building the Perfect Posterior‘ which praises kettlebell swings.
A weight training day will begin with a 5 minute cardio-based warm-up, preferably the rower but if it’s not free – the gym only has one – , I might use another machine at a higher resistance. The next 30-40 minutes will be based on mat work, kettlebell swings, squats, etc until the time’s up for me to go home.

Wednesday: Running (Treadmill)
As per Monday. However, I find that that my stamina isn’t as good on the second running day, so the 5km time is usually a bit slower by a minute or two.

On a really good week, on the off days (Thursday and Sunday) I should really do my 20 minute Zumba and 30 Day Shred videos, but I seem to have given up. I’m just lazy… 😦

I also wear a pedometer and I try to reach 10,000 steps everyday. I usually achieve this on weekdays, but often fail on weekends.


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