Health Kick Update 8

Last Monday, I had a weigh-in in the gym supervisor’s office. Unfortunately, both my body weight and body fat percentage went up from my last weigh-in about a month ago using this same scale. It was proof of how important diet is in weight loss.

I have been attending the gym regularly for 3 days a week, pretty much following the routine from my last Health Kick entry. I have been too lazy to follow the exercise videos. However, most notably, during March, my diet started to creep quickly back to old habits. I am still tracking everyday on myplate, but since the beginning of March, I have been averaging at least 500 net calories over my goal everyday. No wonder I’ve gained weight! Actually, I had a feeling I would gain weight, but at the same time I was also hoping that if I was eating “only” roughly extra 500 calories everyday, I wouldn’t have actually gained but only maintained. Shows that my old habits are not sustainable 😦

I’m a little confused as to how my body fat percentage also went up, but it could be a fault of the scale. Accurately measuring body fat percentage requires more expensive methods.

This recent weigh in should be a wake up call for me to stop eating junk, but even today I’ve devoured Cadbury Dairy Milk, Doritos and Tim Tams 😮 This is a bit slack of me, but I will probably keep going as is for April. With birthdays and Easter this month, there’s no point in depriving myself. I’ll get back on the restricted calories from May! It would also probably be great to resume those exercise videos, especially the 30 Day Shred, but I gotta be not lazy.

OT: Ha! I have a WordPress tickbox option “This post is super-awesome”. False advertising for this post, but I’m going to click it anyway.


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