Cute and Pretty Kindle Cover

Look what arrived today in the post today!

What’s inside?It’s a Kindle! A cute and pink Kindle cover!

I ordered this from DealExtreme last month(!), so unfortunately shipping is slow as. Since ordering, the USD to AUD has increased by over 7 cents (USD1.02 now to USD1.09+), so I could have potentially saved AUD 65 cents on this item! That’s how long it’s taken for my order to arrive! 😛

Before ordering, I was also thinking about this cheaper black one. I was worried that the pink one would get dirty easily, which it probably will, but I’m hoping it won’t too much! Don’t want to a spendthrift, but if that pink does start looking trashy and cannot be cleaned further and if the USD keeps falling against the AUD, I might get that black one too 😛

P.S. I also ordered a Professional Makeup Foundation Brush (only USD2.98!) and an “XBox” game controller. I haven’t tried the brush yet, but the brush handle in real life is actually gold, despite looking like a soft, pastelly champagne-fawn colour on the website. Must be the lighting. Haven’t tried the game controller yet; it’s a very belated birthday gift for I. 🙂


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