Beauty Blunders

Had a few beauty disasters and “epiphanies” this week.

Bumps ahead
Currently my face is covered in gazillions of tiny red bumps! 👿 I haven’t figured out the culprit, but I am now suspecting some new hair care did it. I only started it on Monday (12/07/2011), so I thought it might have been caused by a skincare sample that I had been using for just a little longer. The fact that I was starting to get these bumps behind my neck, near my hair and ear-line and is making me think it’s the new hair care. For those that are wondering, it’s the Redken intra force range designed to thicken hair and prevent hair loss. Thicken hair it does seem to do! I just didn’t expect to be allergic to it 😥 I was actually given the range to trial and review for 30-days and, as was my mum. Even my mum who has like ultra-tough has said that her back has been a bit itchy recently 😕 I guess, if you don’t have reactive skin and your hair needs some thickening, I would recommend it. If you have reactive skin, give it a miss or maybe just try the toner and treatment spray. However, as someone with really long hair, I have to say the toner is not a strong enough conditioner. The first sign of damaged hair for me is when the last 20cm of my hair starts looking wavy. Superficially, the effect is kinda pretty 😛 but it really means my hair is lacking moisture!

Swollen lips
I have also discovered that I am possibly allergic to beeswax. My old lip balms had finished so I replaced them all with some Burt’s Bee freebies that I had received over the years. After about a week of constant use, I noticed that the edges of my lips were bumpy, with what looked like clear fluid inside them. I was afraid they were cold sores even! Only googling “lip bumps lip balm allergy” did I find Burt’s Bees came up as a possible allergen to many lips. If I’m allergic to mosquitoes and pollen, then why not bees; or more specifically beewax?! I’m yet to crack open a newlip balm, but I have discontinued using Burts Bees. The bumps have subsided, but lack of good lip balm is seriously drying out my lips, especially in this frosty winter. To be honest, it’s not a very good lip balm anyway… It didn’t moisturise and it left a white cast and residue on my lips.

Wrong shade
Wasting time in the bathroom, I decided to test a now discontinued Revlon ColorStay Active foundation in Natural Beige that I had given to mum since I thought it was way too dark. I put a little on my cheek and I noticed the colour blended in perfectly! All this time I had a colour match, but in my drawer I had completely the wrong shade! Either I have always been using shades too light, or my sun protection has not been effective enough that I have gotten at least one shade darker… 😕

To end this Beauty Blunders post, on top of all the above, I’m also suffering from a pimple that decided to grow right in the middle of my right mouth opening. It hurts to eat or yawn…


5 thoughts on “Beauty Blunders

  1. Hi tanoshiiki,

    It’s interesting to read your posts re ur allergies etc. I was actually looking at Burt’s Bee lipbalm when I walked into Priceline on Saturday now I am too scared to buy it as I have heaps of allergies as well.

    In terms of that ‘pimple’ you are suffering. It sounds like a cold sore to me as from personal experiences, pimpels don’t normally grow in spots like that.


    1. Hi Jenny,

      The Burt’s Bee could work fine for you. I have a temperamental history of allergies unfortunately…
      I’m pretty sure that I do not suffer from cold sores *finger crossed”, but I do remember during my teenage years I would get actual pimples on my lips and they would hurt! 😦 It could also be just a general “heaty” sore (Asian upbringing) from too much bad food/not enough sleep, etc.

  2. Fair enough. I think I’d better not try it out as I have just too many allergies and that stop me from trying out new things.

    Haha, I totally understand what you mean by those ‘heaty’ sores I get them all the time from lack of sleep. Fingers crossed yours isn’t one of those but sometimes I’d actually prefer to get cold sores than pimples as pimples take forever to go away (scarring process etc).

    By the way, those tips you shared re your CA are really helpful. Thanks so much for that it’s just what I need 🙂

    1. I should really get into the habit of doing patch tests, although I didn’t think a shampoo would make my face “explode”.

      Thanks. Good luck with your CA!

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