The Allergies Continue

I came to my senses and stopped using the whole Redken intra force range, as mentioned in my Beauty Blunders post. I thought I would be able to get away with using just the conditioner – well, what Redken calls a “toner” – but alas no. Unfortunately, right now, my front torso looks a mess. I look like have measles or something! 😥 Honestly, it’s really just about 30 or so red, congested and blocked pores that are also itchy at times. It does look pretty disgusting though 😦 There is definitely something in this Redken range that hates senstive skin. However, I can’t really tell just by looking at the ingredients listing. Could it be the arginine?

Relatedly, I have managed to heal my face allergy from the last post. It took about a week by using sample of Comvita Medihoney Barrier Cream. Ironically, past half-way in the ingredients listing, it had beeswax, so I tried to be careful about lip contact given that last blunder. I have to say it worked really well. It doesn’t really hydrate, being a barrier cream, but it was good to have use something that had some healing properties, whilst my skin was repairing by itself. I have ran out the sample, so I will try and fix the torso allergy with mainly time and limiting the amount of body moisturising products to reduce the likelihood of increasing the clogged pores.

There is probably something to be said here to promote the practice of patch testing, but I’m not sure when I’ll ever learn…


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