How Allergic Can I Really Be?

Just as I was beginning to recover from the torso allergy mentioned in the previous entry, all of a sudden my arms (mostly forearm) appeared to developed the same allergy. With the torso, I can somewhat cover most of it up. Also, the torso is not really a place I can see often.

However, arms are a completely different matter. This allergy has made me quite aware of how few full length sleeve tops I actually own. Most of my tops are 3/4 or half sleeve. It looks disgusting and I can see it all the time when I am on the keyboard, which let’s face it, is most of my day. So if I see it, I get grossed out and feel yucky and want to start doing something with my arms. Preferably not scratching (scratching only makes it worse)… which means that some of my colleagues may noticed me squeezing my arms or shaking my arms a lot the past few days.

It’s about day 3 or 4 of this allergy now and I think it’s getting slightly better, I think. It has the texture of raised braille and appearance of  ‘heat rash’. Google Image Search that if you want to get grossed out… 😐

I really hope it clears up soon. I’m sick of feeling allergic to everything and anything 😥


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