Health Kick Update 11

I am thinking of changing up my gym routine.

The gym supervisor has recently modified the group class timetable and added a few new classes. The most interesting one is Zumba, but that hasn’t started yet. Another new one is pump, which I have been going to for the last three Thursdays. Based on my old routine, if I was at the gym on Thursdays, it usually meant I was naughty (lazy) or an event on. It would also be a running day as well. As Pump is more of a weights and strength class,  weights on Thursday is really quite different to my old routine.

Proposed new routine

Monday: Running (cardio)

Tuesday: Zumba class (cardio)

Thursday: Pump class (weights)

The classes start at 5:30, so they are dependent on whether I can get out of work by the latest 5:20. Not always a guarantee, but I will try to make it happen!

As an aside, unfortunately, when I stepped on the scales earlier this week, the kilos had jumped much more than expected… I really doubt pump is putting on that much kilos of muscle on me in such a short time, so I must attribute it back to my poor old eating habits 😦


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