Free Moca Loca Chocolate Peel at the Paramedical Skin Clinic

I took part in a free facial tonight.

As part of attending the Catherine Manuell Design VIP Night during the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week festivities, glorious and generous goodie bags were being given away. One of these goodies was a voucher for a free Moca Loca Chocolate Peel at Paramedical Skin Clinic. I had previously seen this “clinic” advertised frequently in the local paper and their simple ads usually grabbed my attention. And since it’s in my local paper, that meant I had one very nearby to my house. So as soon as I saw the voucher offer, I got excited and made the call the very next morning!

I arrived at the venue tonight, initially being a little confused as to how to enter. After waiting for about ten minutes, they were ready for my skin analysis. This ended up being the main time component of the offer. It was a very comprehensive skin analysis, where my face was taken at three different angles in a special machine and then analysed in a software program. Some of the pictures were shocking. Especially the UV one. Have you ever played around with the RGB Channels in Photoshop? It’s like that, but millions times worse. My whole face was one pigmentation farm 😯 The right side of my face is also more droopy than the left! I’m getting old!!! 😦 The consultation was given by the owner Ilesha Haywood, who had a warm and friendly manner. She also sounded very knowledgeable.

As we looked through my shame inducing photos, Ilesha began to discuss the recommended treatments. A very expensive recommendation at that! Her advice was to undergo both a course of 12 Jet Peels and 7 “Dermal” IPL within a 12 week period. I have previously been interested in IPL, but I was hoping not to have to do additional treatments too. I understand Jet Peel is their star treatment. Then she showed me the prices at which I became speechless! $720 per a Jet Peel and $550 per IPL?! Apparently they had a September special, where buying bulk treatments would save significantly. However, even after discounts, I would be forking out nearly $7000!!!! Honestly, I do have that type of money but I’m not ready to part with that amount yet…

After this extensive consultation, I finally got to the main event; why I was here; why I hadn’t had dinner yet; the facial peel! I was led into a white room. Paramedical Skin Clinic is not a beauty day spa, so there’s not really any typical dimmed lighting or scented candles. In fact, I found the treatment rooms quite “clinical”. I guess that is in their name… Hmm, I’m not sure if it’s because I wasn’t a paying customer or I hadn’t shouted “Sign me up for everything!”, but I felt that the facialist was rushing and just going through the motions. I was given a quick cleanse, scrub, a short cherry peel and then the chocolate peel. It’s just a simple Lactic Acid “peel” and you can buy it online. It tingles slightly, but not very much. After about 10 minutes, the facialist washed it off and hastily applied moisturiser. I checked my face in the mirror. Although it looked slightly more glowy, I had bits of product in my hair and below my chin. During the facial, she also got a bit of the peel in one of my eye area… I think the whole peel experience took less than 25 minutes! According to my voucher, it was worth $150. According to the website, the peel costs $125. If I were a full paying customer, I would have been extremely disappointed at this customer treatment…. :\

Next I was given the sell. Some interesting products, but is there really any point in buying a $75 cleanser?! With the sell unsuccessful on me, I took my recommended treatment prescription with me and walked back home.

To be honest, I think I walked in there seriously wanting to do a full course of IPL (although not necessarily at this clinic), but I walked away unimpressed and now even doubting to do anything “fancy” for at least a while…


23 thoughts on “Free Moca Loca Chocolate Peel at the Paramedical Skin Clinic

  1. Wow. My experience there is this: I’m in my early 30s but people usually think I’m in my mid 20s. I’ve always been pretty careful with protecting my skin from the sun and I’m a fairly positive person so I think that helps me in looking young. I’m generally happy with my appearance but have a few broken cappileries so I was interested in IPL. I also had those photographs taken and analysed and suddenly I felt like the most hideous creature on the planet. I apparently had shocking sun damage, chronic redness and a skin age of about 50. Genius sales technique because I was quickly assured spending about $5000 on blasting water on my skin would somehow help. And of course Danni loves it. Praying on women’s insecurities like that is just gross. I did go ahead with the IPL and it seems to have left a red/darkened mark where I had it but I figure I deserve it. Buying into this vanity game was never going to end well.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Did you also go to Paramedical or was your experience at another salon/clinic? Luckily, I wasn’t given a skin age, but I’m sure I would’ve got something adjusted 20 extra years up as well! Hopefully the red/darkened mark is not usually noticeable or in a prominent location.

      I have to admit, although I walked away without signing up for the Jet Peel and IPL courses, the thought of whether I should spend $7,000 to fix it all up does pop into my mind everyday! However, I think at this stage, I will stick with the topicals and won’t consider any of this IPL, Jet Peel, Laser treatments for a long time and maybe even when technology further improves!

    2. More customers should be informed of this ” rip off” clinic that has had more staff turnover than MacDonalds. I have had the same experience as both of you and left some good money behind for a very little noticable difference.

      1. Wow, finally people are speaking of their horrendous experiences at Paramedical Slin Clinic!
        Ladies, I am one of those high turnover therapists who was left scarred by the experience of working at this ‘clinic’. Everything you have all said is correct (and so much more). You are lured in,with offers too good to be true & then made to endure a consultation where the owner will try to intimidate you with a course or ‘series’ of ‘medical’ treatments where the prices are soooo inflated, she makes you feel like the discount is only available today! For example, in the US, a jet peel is approx $ this owner claims that they are worth $700 here & plasters photos of Danni Minogue etc to validate this price.
        And yes, sadly as i found out, as a therapist working in those poky rooms you are told by the owner exactly what to say & how to say it in order to close the sale…& there is hell to pay if you are not successful! I was even told once to suggest a client put it in her credit card before her husband could say no! I was mortified!
        So, after enduring some months of this toxic environment, I managed to leave..but not without a very serious exit plan so as to ensure the owner could not harass me for leaving as she had done with previous employees.
        My wish is that more therapists who have been bullied by this employer, as well as more clients who have been mistreated, intimidated, lied to or had there skin damaged, would speak up. I have seen some pretty horrific negligence (asking therapists to perform treatments they are not qualified to do) & law breaking (such as cameras in rooms where waxing takes place) go on in that place & would genuinely like to prevent anyone else being abused by this woman again…she gives our industry a very bad name. Thankyou.

      2. Thank for your comment. Thank goodness I never ended up signing up for a course! I have to admit, I was quite tempted but looks like I spared my skin and wallet!

    1. Yes you definately saved yourself being ripped off but the sad thing is that there ARE reputable clinics, with reputable therapists, nurses & dermal clinicians performing medical grade skin treatments & achieving outstanding results!!! But for the ‘average’ client who knows little initially about such things yet who knows she wants to do something about her skin, unfortunately glossy 1/4 page ads with affordable prices & language they can understand gets them in the door. And then the ‘sell’ begins based on how much the owner assesses she can sting them for. The result is often damaging to the client (as far more treatments than are necessary are performed) & the reputation of technology that is affordable & accessible for most of us, such as IPL, Laser, Skin peels & Microdermabrasion. When performed correctly & safely, these treatments can have exceptional results for almost all skin concerns.

      1. Hi, I was just wondering if u could tell me whether hydra facials or hydradermabrasion is the same as jet peel? Why is it so expensive and why does para skin clinic claim to be the only ones in Melbourne to have such a machine? Is hydrabrasion (as Ilesha calls it) the same as hydradermabrasion? thanx

      2. Hi Lana,

        Ive read your posts & to be honest, it sounds like something fishy is going on at Paramedical! Why would Ilesha suddenly drop promoting her new money spinner ‘Jet Peel’ in favour of a water/micro ‘facial’???? There may be something legal going on, wouldn’t surprise me, it’s happened before! Also, I’m currently a business owner & have never ever heard of a hydra-facial! My advice is to research hydrafacials & phone a few skin clinics. The key is to find someone you trust, with a number of treatment options available & let them guide you. One type of treatment is NEVER the answer to all skin concerns, it should be a combination of treatments, with flexibility for changes along the journey, as your skin changes.
        Above all Lana, do yourself a favour & stay away from Paramedical. Good luck.

      3. Hi,i rang paramedical skin clinic again and asked what the difference was between their micro hydra brasion thats $160 (normally $260) and their jet peel thats $720. From my understanding it was the same thing but the procedure swapped around (first micro dermabrasion and then oxygen & water) so it sounds slightly different. I asked anumber of times what the difference was and the lady sounded alittle annoyed with me because she was constantly repeating the same thing for both procedures but swapping them around. Look, i could be wrong, it is alittle confusing but i swear, to me the only difference between the two beside swapping the procdeures around is the price tag. I kept on googling and found another beauty salon that has the same machine as paramedical skin clinic and they charge $175 as a special. I’ll be going there. I’m so glad i did my research, i hate being ripped off when i’m not familiar with a product. I thi8nk the reason she puts her price up is because celebrities gotoher but i bet u they get it for free anyway because they indorse the product oh her website.So really she’s making money off ordinary people instead of those that can truely afford it.
        Its ashame she’s more passionate about making money than she is about helping people with skin problems.

  2. wow!!!! i was totally sucked in until i read ur comments. Even though the amount she is asking for is stupidly high i was prepared to pay for it. I seriously thought forking out that much money would solve my skin problems. But when u think about it,its only water being blasted onto ur face, how much out of pocket would she be, to charge so high? i found a salon in NSW called Akur day spa that offers jet peels for $150 or 10 for $1000. I checked out their video and was wondering if its the same thing.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I think this is her ploy. She talks up about how great and different her treatments are and then charges an incomparable package price to even most other Australian salons. So for some reason, you feel that if you do fork out the almost $10,000 for the complete package, all your skin woes will be solved and you will have perfect skin in a few months!

      Personally, I still haven’t tried any IPL or Laser type treatments yet, but I did try a LED facial treatment (at another salon) and it was great; even better that I got it for free! Obviously, nowhere near as dramatic as what IPL or Laser would achieve, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it actually works. I was thinking about writing a blog entry about it, but I got lazy as usual.

      1. I just spoke to the owner Ilesha and asked if her salon offered hydra facials or hydradermabrasion and she explained how they first do microdermabrasion and then use water to infuse the skin with vitamins or whatever etc. I asked how much she charged and she said normally its $260 but for the month of April it’s $160. I’m just wondering is this the same as the jet peel that she offers or used to offer for $720? It sure sounds like it. Interesting to find out why the price has dropped dramatically. Also, if all that water is sprayed into the deep layers of ur skin wouldn’t ur face look bloated?

    1. Thanks for the link; that is very interesting! For a second there, I also thought the comments on my blog were being quoted in the article, but they weren’t. Anyhow, it appears other people are also receiving poor service as well and although I’m not a fan of TT/ACA, her multiple qualifications that she displays in her office do need to be questioned. If she’s earned them, then they she should not have to hesitate in answering their questions.

  3. I’ve been told by former employees of Paramedical that most of the glowing ‘reviews’ found on the web have actually been written by Ilesha (also called Ayesha) Haywood. Looks to me like she not only has a fake PhD, but should have added a Masters of Media Manipulation to her resume too!

    1. And another terrible experience at this clinic! I too was the victim of illesha’s manipulation into spending several thousands of dollars on treatments I didn’t need. I was made to feel like I have the worst skin going around (even though I only have a few blemishes) and that only $4000 worth of treatment would fix it. In my consultation illesha was more concerned about telling me about how she just got back from some function that she attended with Danni, then told me about Danni’s personal life, then proceeded to tell me how she herself is also breaking out due to her recent divorce! Not only was she quick to gloat about her own life but she left the consultation room abruptly while I was mid sentence and disappeared for about 5 minutes!! Then she proceeded to put down cosmetic sales staff at department stores because they hve no idea about any of the products that they sell as compared to herself who has a “phd” in the field! This of course turned out to be false! One of the treatments I was suggested to undertake was a micro…so even though I was sceptical about the clinic and illesha, I didn’t have time to go looking for other clinics so I agreed to a micro hoping that at least the treatments would be up to standard as opposed to illesha’s customer service! The 6 sessions of micro did barely anything for my skin and at times causing scabbing and more breakouts and blemishes! The staff didnt seem to be very knowledgeable either. I am now receiving the right treatment for MY skin at another clinic and I’m paying half the price! The customer service is outstanding also! Bottom line is, Illesha only cares about getting as much money out of her clients as possible and could not care less about the client or their skin! She will suggest the wrong treatment if it means getting money. I have written an email of complaint and I’m still waiting on a response..however when I emailed to book an appointment, I got a response immediately! All in all, a very money hungry clinic, very amateur staff, Terrible advice and treatments and unnecessarily high prices!! Advice is to shop around and trust your instincts if something seems dodgy because it probably will be!

  4. Hi, I am a former employee of this clinic and I resigned after a very nasty bullying attempted by the ” new owner ” and Ilesha. How can I get in contact with former staff that have written on this and people that have had bad experiences? Especially therapistwithintegrity. I am actually in the process of trying to get the word out publicly so no one else has to go through anything so extreme by them again!! I understand all of this happened last year mine is much more recent so it is still happening and needs to be stopped!!

    1. Hi please contact me, I am one of those ex employees. These comments are all so true, she needs to stop ripping off people, clients and staff!
      She is money Hungry and lets face it we all like to feel comfortable with money but do it with some honesty and integrity….don’t think she has any of that!

  5. Hi BuzzBeauty,

    Some of the commenters may have subscribed to this blog post and may have received a notification when I approved your comment. They may then be able to get in contact with you. Otherwise, you may have try and google for their contact details if they use the same internet name everywhere. Although the webform asks for an e-mail address, I don’t get to see it, and if I could, I would not usually pass it on (without their consent). Good luck!

  6. Oh my goodness i am so shocked to read this and everything else regardig this ilesha haywood who has just offered me a job at her sydney salon! so glad i have not accepted.

  7. All I can say is omg! I too was offered a job but I declined bc I was offered another job closer to wear I live…. is it really that bad there??

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