Cellular Age Assessment (Health Kick Update 12)

Last week I received a health wake up call.

Except I still haven’t woken up.

My gym was offering free “Cellular Age Assessments”. Not one to pass a freebie, I signed up and awaited curiously. How old really is my body?

It was a quick assessment. Firstly, I was weighed and then had my waist and wrists circumference measured. Lastly, I was hooked up to a Bio-Impedance Analyser machine (non-invasive).

The Results

  • I am old. I am one year older than my real age 😦
  • I have gained weight and I am on track to return back to my start of the year weight 😦
  • I actually received “good” for all factors; the factors being “Phase Angle”, “Active Tissue Mass” and “Cellular Fluid Balance”. It appears that you probably can’t get to be your actual age (or less) unless you receive excellent for at least one of the above.
  • Phase Angle: Measures cellular health and function. Basically how well your cells are absorbing the good nutrients and getting rid of the bad ones – “toxins”.
  • Active Tissue Mass: Basically what percentage of you is muscle.
  • Cellular Fluid Balance: The ability of cells to regulate fluid levels. Basically your hydration, but this factor can be decreased if you’re suffering an infection or allergy.
So, given these results, especially the very disappointing weight gain, this should be a kick up the bum right?
Unfortunately no. I seem to have lost the motivation to eat well. I have kept up the 3 times a week gym routine and striving for the daily 10,000 steps, but food is my weakness.
I gots not to be a fatty boomba 😦

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