Japan! Leave!

Microblogging so overtakes real blogging, especially for a lazy blogger like me. With facebook and twitter, I can write what I’m feeling or doing in just a few lines and that will satisfy me.

Anyway, to the topic. I don’t think this will be long, but just wanted to say that in two months time, I will be in Japan! w00t! I have not had a proper holiday, lest even an international one for years! My latest payslip’s leave balance shows  I have nearly 44 days of accrued leave! In Australia, at a minimum, full-time staff are entitled to 20 days of accruable paid annual/recreational leave (public holidays are on top). This means I have over 2 total years of full-time service in leave! It probably would have been higher, if in a previous role, I wasn’t pulled aside and “strongly encouraged” to use it, which of which I chewed down about 10 days. I’ve never been very good at taking leave. I also tend to prefer to take leave at half-pay, which means my leave balance is effectively double the days. I tend to do this as I’m not living pay to pay, and would rather cash out or be paid the rest of my leave at a higher level, when/if I do get promoted. Effectively, I have 88 working days of accrued leave! I could seriously have a paid holiday (at half pay) for over 4 months! With a few public holidays, probably even to 5 months!

End of story, I have a lot of leave and I’m looking forward to using up a little bit of it on Japan! 😀


2 thoughts on “Japan! Leave!

  1. I didn’t know we can take half-pay leave :O No one has mentioned this at work. But enjoy your Japan trip! Don’t forget to blog about it when you are back =P

  2. I think taking leave at half-pay depends on the employer. I think most large organisations provide it, but you will have to check with payroll or your boss with smaller organisations.

    I am thinking of keeping a daily diary when I am over there. I don’t think I will publish it though, but I will definitely try to do a summary.

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