Japanese skincare wishlist 2012

Every time I go overseas, I always want to buy some special skincare that’s only available there or at a huge discount from Australia.  Now, every time I get to go to Japan, I start getting very excited at the thought of their drugstores! Their drugstores are like Pricelines here in Australia, but with way more variety, hyped up names and of course, Japanese! I love Japanese drugstore skincare and cosmetic products as they have a great balance of cheap price and good quality.

The last time I went to Japan, my focus was on Japanese sunscreens, e.g. Sofina UV Perfect, Biore UV and Kiss Me Sunkiller, etc. Japanese sunscreens are very cosmetically pleasing and usually leave a completely matte feel on the skin. However, in order for this to happen, they usually have to have a very high alcohol content to thin the ingredients. Alcohol is not good for my very dehydrated-oily skin. A few thinner consistency sunscreens have now been released in Australia and I’m content in using them now. In Japan, I also bought lots of sheet masks, but I’m too lazy to use them so I still have some leftover! In addition, I bought sample sets of DHC and Dr Ci-Labo, and I still haven’t even opened the DHC one yet!

This time, my current wishlist:

However, as I started researching more, I’m now really curious about these products as well:

And further more, with the lotions, I don’t know whether I should go for the “basic” or whitening ranges?! Too much choice! I have too much stuff at home and I must make a decision!


3 thoughts on “Japanese skincare wishlist 2012

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