What are your goals this year?

Recently, I read about a person whose goal is to run a mile (1.6km) everyday this year. A mile a day is 11.2km a week. This very doable, although I usually don’t end up at the gym running that much, even if I just averaged it out. However, if I did do it, I would definitely improve my running endurance.

It got me thinking about my goals for the year. Last year, I had two resolutions.

  1. Get my Ps
  2. Make the healthier choice

I’m happy to say I finally went for professional driving lessons and got it all done. Yep, watch out people, I’m on the roads! The second resolution was a cop-out. I probably knew at the time of making it, but such a vague goal gets you nowhere. And nowhere it did, as after all the festive feasting and the holidays spent lazing about, weight wise I’m definitely back to where I was two years ago. I may be fitter and stronger slightly, but that’s it. This time I need to be more concrete and defined with my resolutions.

This year:

  1. Get down to 55kg
    When I look at Asian models, even ones 20cm taller than me weigh less than I do. If I was an Asian model, my weight would have to be 38-43kg for my height. I’m not a model, nor do I have aspirations to be one, so that weight range is just ridiculous. 55kg is a very healthy goal, but it’s what I’ve been wanting to reach for the past few years. I need to really put in effort to get there.
  2. Get to sleep by 12:15 every night

    Ideally by 11pm, but let’s be realistic! I can’t sustain this sleep-deprived lifestyle. I am nearing my thirties and I am seriously feeling and looking it 😦 Having good sleep will help with everything. I should also see my GP for a sleep clinic referral…


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