Wives and Girlfriends of PAX East 2013

I could have just titled this PAX WAGS to be pithy, but then it’d probably be very cryptic.

If you haven’t figured from the title, I’m going to be a partner of an attendee at PAX East this year! Oh yesiree, I am going to Boston, USA!

Anyhow, having a look-see through the official site copy and forums, it’s likely that I’m going to feel a bit left out. This is a conference by gamers for gamers. Let’s be honest, I enjoy the occasional Tetris and other square-based games (e.g. Picross, Tetris Attack, Color Match, Bejewelled, etc.), but I’m not really a gamer. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll definitely be a cool experience, but I just don’t think I’m the right audience for something this full-on. It’s likely that I’ll spend probably just one day at the actual conference, pending on what’s in the schedule – apparently schedules tend to come out relatively last minute – and spend most of the other two exhibiting days traipsing around Boston. In order to make the most of my time in Boston, I’ve got to figure out the best places to go to by myself. Maybe I should brave it out, introduce myself on the forums and ask if they’ll be any other WAGS around with no concrete plans in Boston during that time…

On a gaming related note…

Being a bad blogger and girlfriend, I never ended up doing a post on Kumobius‘ recent iOS game release, Time Surfer. Luckily the game has more than spoken for itself. It’s received a lot of great reviews and also reached number 11 in US and number 5 in Australia on their respective iTunes App Stores. Time Surfer is marketed as a cross between Tiny Wings and Braid. Ever wish you could go back in time and fix the mistakes of the past? Or change your future path to be better than where you are at now? Well, in Time Surfer, you can! Check out the trailer below – the music is really catchy!

Only US99c on the iOS store for play on all iDevices including the iPad.

Well, looks like Kumobius and Tme Surfer has been officially announced as featuring at the PAX East 2013 Indie Showcase. I can finally publish this post! 😉


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