Getting ready for PAX East 2013

So the PAX East 2013 schedule is finally out!

However, having perused the schedule a few times now (okay, honestly, skimmed…), the reality hits that I’m probably not really going to fit in. The words that draw me in are like the old school games like Puzzle Bobble, Tetris Attack, etc. Panels don’t really seem to interest me either. Guess I’ll be spending my time mainly in the Expo Hall then. Explore what stall holders are trying to hawk and what type of swag they’re giving away. And of course, help out Kumobius for a little bit as part of their stall in the Pax East Indie Showcase. As I’m not actually part of Kumobius, I’m not obligated to do so, but if I’m feeling “generous” enough, I might just be there.

Anyway, now that I’ve pretty much eliminated almost anything scheduled, I now have the dilemma of which two days should I go shop, shop, shopping! I think I may leave it to the weather now. I’m not going to be very snow prepared, so if this long-range forecast is accurate, it looks like I’ll be at PAX on the Friday. See you then!

Mar 22
Mixed snow and rain, heavy at times
9°Lo 0°


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