US Eat Wishlist

What has got me most excited about planning for this US trip is the food! Usually my past trip planning has been more about making shopping lists (especially for skincare). Don’t worry, I still plan to shop up a storm, especially with the great exchange rates and generally lower costs of everything. However, this holiday, it’s the food that has got me all excited. I’m salivating at the pictures and menus on the Internet!

Here’s my eat wishlist

Some of them are just to try to see what the fuss is about, some are to try out the local delicacies and some are just to totally satiate my mega sweet tooth! Other local items I’ll probably try are the bagel, donut and pretzel.

It was pure luck/coincidence that the trip to Boston coincides with Boston Restaurant Week.

2 Course Lunch – $15.13
3 Course Lunch – $20.13
3 Course Dinner – $38.13

3 course lunch for USD$20.13?! That’s just amazing! We recently just had the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Restaurant Express Lunch deal and that was AUD$40 for only 2 courses instead. Okay, it came with a glass of wine too (which could have a menu pricing equivalent to an appetiser/entrée), but I don’t drink and I’m more than happy with tap water. Compare that to the Boston Restaurant Week pricing, where you can get three courses for just over $20! Okay, after tax and “gratuities”, it’ll come out to around USD$25; still incomparable to the $40 here! It’s such great value that it’d be hard to refuse taking advantage of it, especially at the pricier and classier places! Therefore, I have already made two OpenTable bookings at:

I’ve got my eye on a few other places (mainly for lunch), but I haven’t done the OpenTable reservations yet. Lunch appears to be less popular for booking out, so might just chance it. 🙂

Also have heard rave reviews about ABC Kitchen, so I booked for a lunch there too. I could go crazy and totally book the original Jean Georges (ABC Kitchen is one of Jean Georges diffusion restaurants. The original Jean Georges has three hats – the highest possible rating, as per the famous Michelin Guide), but I’m thinking I’ll pass! Maybe one day, when I return to NY with a more sophisticated palette, richer bank account and aesthetic style 😉

On a related food note, everyone raves about the Mexican food in the US, but all the Mexican I’ve had here in Melbourne really doesn’t suit my tastes. I’m open to giving it a try in the US of course, but I think that I’m just not into Mexican and Indian food.

Here’s to a fatter tanoshiiki when I return :shocked:!!!


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