I’m back from the USA! I actually came back a few days ago, but with jetlag; catching up with the internet and work, I was like I can’t be bothered checking in here.

Despite my excitement in relation to all the food I’d be eating, most of the food over there doesn’t even compare to Melbourne. Unfortunately, due to us being both sick on the first week, I couldn’t tick off everything as mentioned in my previous blog entry. This meant that I missed out a lot on Boston. Plus, it was bloody freezing, so at times I didn’t even want to venture out! I do wish we had been feeling better, but that’s just how it happens sometimes…

Unfortunately, one of my much hyped listings, ABC Kitchen, was the biggest disappointment of all. I opted for the Prix Fixe for variety plus value. I found all dishes to be average, but the worst was the “entree” (N.B. The US call “entree” what we call a “main”. Their entrees follow the “appetizers”). There was a hair in my food! Now, to be honest, it wasn’t actually the first time I found hair in my food in the US (and especially anywhere else), but it ended up being a good excuse to stop having to finish off the entree. It was that bad. The pork was at the same time too salty and bland, if that makes any sense? It just didn’t have any distinction. I told the waiter and ended up getting my Prix Fixe for free!

Overall, I’ve been telling most people that my trip wasn’t bad. It was great to have a holiday definitely, but NYC just didn’t wow me as I expected!


Maybe, next time!


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