All grown up… kinda

I’ve finally moved out!

I’m currently trying out the city life to see how it goes. I’d always imagined buying an apartment in the city. Unfortunately, that still has not eventuated. However, with record off-the-plan apartments in Melbourne CBD at the moment, I think that’s a strong sign that it’s not worth buying. Yes, I am renting.

Initial impressions are how easily housework just piles up. The sink quickly gets full, as does the laundry basket. Then it becomes quite obvious to the olfactory system that the bathroom needs a clean too… I wouldn’t say we are particularly messy people, but we are by no means neat-freaks either. Housework wasn’t a surprise, but like with many unwanted things, when the realisation hits, it’s not really that pleasant.

One thing that has surprised me is noise. It would be ignorant to not expect noise whilst living in the city. I just didn’t expect the level and frequency of noise on a relatively high floor. I used to live on a main street back in the suburbs. This street had a steady amount of traffic as well trams. Well the volume is the same, but the noise activity occurs way more often. I also was not apparent to the fact that my street is actually quite active on weekends. I had always thought of it as one of the slightly more quieter ones. I guess you trade security for noise…

Living in the city is definitely much more convenient. Unfortunately, my work is kind of located on the other side of the city. I am supposed to be walking to and from work, but I have often been lazy and just caught the first tram that comes past. I can’t really do that any more when my myki pass expires. I will have to be more diligent.

I am also able to grocery shop almost everyday. This means I can usually get relatively fresh produce for the meal we’re making tonight.

I have access to probably around 1000 restaurants in less than 10 minutes walk. I know it’s still early days, but I feel we haven’t really taken advantage of this positive yet. That said, we are both incurring a new and pretty high expense called rent, so uni-budgeting principles remain – especially in my mind!


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