Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins and Extracts Face Wash

I received the new Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins and Extracts Face Wash from Contagious Network recently.

Most of us are familiar with the Clearasil brand from our pesky teenage years. And most of us have relegated the brand to those complex skin years we would rather forget. Just like me, Clearasil have also grown older and moved on. Their original range still exists, but for like someone like me with my teenage years a while ago, Clearasil have released the Daily Clear range. The Daily Clear range includes a Vitamins and Extracts Face Wash and a Vitamins and Extracts Scrub (image courtesy of the Clearasil Australia Facebook page).


It appears that this range is targeted towards females in their 20s. I’ve been using the Face Wash for a few weeks now. It can be used as a wash and a mask, which is handy. 2-in-1 products in this quick moving world and especially handy in a space limited apartment! The actual cleanser is pastel-green and has a creamy texture. With a bit water and lathering, it actually foams up quite well. The smell is pleasant, clean and has light fruity notes. There’s something about this whole wash, including the packaging, that actually reminds me of Biore, funnily. Overall, this is an okay face wash. I’m happy to continue using it, but I can’t say I will be switching to it. It includes clay (bentonite and kaolin) in the ingredient, so probably not recommended for extra dry skin. I have dehydrated-oily skin and although I don’t think I’ve been feeling or looking more dry or oily, I do prefer a gentler everyday face wash.

Clearasil Australia’s facebook page is offering a free sample. Why not give it a try, yourself?


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