Busy times

I feel like there’s so much going on at the moment.

House stuff: everyday chores, organising stuff, house is a bit of a mess in some areas, some extensive house-related paperwork I really need to get done

Japan: organising, booking and researching! Fun times!

Weight: Feeling guilty not looking after this aspect… Totally neglecting đŸ˜¦

Tax: Okay, this is done pretty much, but I don’t want to submit until the final date.

Private Health Insurance: Related to tax. Not sure why I’m putting this off, considering what’s happening at work…

General social calendar: It’s a bit more committed than it usually is, which is pretty crazy for a homebody like me!

Survey: So many online surveys I haven’t completed. I know by the time I actually click on most of the links, the surveys will have expired anyway!

TV shows: I don’t watch that many, but of the few that I do, I am struggling to keep up!

So many things, so little time.


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