PAX East musings

Although it’s nearly 2am on a Sunday morning, I am looking at this link. It’s a picture map of the Expo Hall at PAX East.

Last year was my first PAX East. Entering the Expo Hall was a surreal experience. It’s seriously like nothing I had experienced before. The Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre is huge and the above map is only a small part of the whole centre (and PAX East). For those that haven’t been to PAX East, let me try and orient you.

Those two white squares with lines on the far centre left are the entrance to the massive Expo Hall. They represent the escalators. You enter the Hall from an elevated level. As you travel down the escalators, all your eyes see is this great expanse of game-related booths for pretty much a kilometre. Colour, movement and noise! Excitement! As I was able to see set-up, to see it transform from empty and unfinished booths on the Thursday to all systems go on Friday morning, is crazy.

I also went to PAX Australia last year, but the feeling in Boston was just incomparable.

I am lucky that I have the opportunity to experience this all again. Thanks and kudos must go to Kumobius!

If you do happen to find this little blog entry and will be attending PAX East this year, be sure to say Hi or G’Day to Kumobius at stall 886 in the Indie Megabooth, as well as stall 692 PAX East Indie Showcase where they will be demo’ing Duet Game.

See you in Boston!


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