Happy New Year

And another year begins!

It’s such a cliché, but as I get older, the quicker a year passes. 2014 was a busy year, with plenty happening at work and also managed to visit quite a few countries as well. However, it all took a toll on my body as I got sick multiple times during the year. Especially notable, as I haven’t actually previously been sick for many years. I used to say it was because I took Vitamin D daily, but I found that didn’t help last year. I can probably pinpoint on some other factors though, namely marked reduction in regular exercise, poorer diet quality since moving out home and worsening work stress.

I have been pretty slack with blogging the past few years. I have no guarantee that I will ever return to previous output, but writing is therapeutic for me and I need to get back on here and publish more. Even if the entries aren’t interesting. Even if no one is reading this.

And if you are reading this, Happy New Year and hope you have a great and healthy one!


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