Beauty freebie: Bobbi Brown Bobbi To Go

During February, Bobbi Brown Australia promoted “Makeup Lesson February“.

This was a daily calendar promoting their always available free make up and skincare consultations. Each day in the February calendar, a new offer would be revealed. You could get skincare and cosmetic tips, online videos, as well as “treats” (freebies)!

Of course, what interested me the most were the treats! The treats on offer included Bobbi Brown key rings, stickers and even deluxe make-up samples.

By the time I found out about the promotion I only managed to get one of the treats, which was this awesome Bobbi To Go pack! 😀


As you can see, the Bobbi To Go pack includes a Weekend Lip Palette with 5 colours in different textures, lip brush and mirror and one deluxe sample size of Black Extreme Party Mascara. This was a really generous freebie! 😀 Thanks Bobbi Brown!


Now that February has just ended, I have to say I’m pretty surprised how low-key the promotion for this was. I only managed to hear about it through their facebook page, which I had liked. I don’t recall hearing about it anywhere else?

Although on the expensive side, Bobbi Brown often provides some great deluxe sample offers and their products are top quality. These samples are a great way to discover the brand and their range.


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