Getting back on the health track

Remember in previous years where I made resolutions to do these two?

Well, I can’t report yet that I have finally achieved them, but I’m taking them much more seriously now.

This time a friend and I are doing the C25K together. This means we keep each other motivated and accountable. We started at Week 3 last week, as we both felt we had previous running experience to not start from the beginning. If we stick to this, that means in 6 weeks and by the end of September, I will be able to finally run 5km without stopping! Whoo!

One thing I have already learnt with the weight loss is I have to be really realistic. A few months after Europe, I became the heaviest I have ever been. Soon after Europe, I tried to curb the weight gain by rejoining the gym. However I couldn’t stay motivated for whatever reason, and also continued to just eat pretty much whatever I want. Let me say, there was a lot of eating out!!! Including one hefty feast at The Fat Duck! There were some weeks where the only home cooking was once a week at my parent’s place!

After a few months of this laziness and gym procrastination, I got on the scales in mid June and saw the biggest number ever! If I thought I had gained too much in Europe or even in Japan two years ago, this was nothing! As a result, I made use of myfitnesspal and started calorie counting again. I tried to get back into a gym routine, but I still couldn’t get the motivation going.

Honestly, I stuck with the calorie counting for about a month. From previous experience, I know it works for me. However, it’s hard to keep up.

Now, two months since that big weigh in, I have managed to lose a few kilos. However, realistically I know I have a long way until I can get down to 55. With a modest estimated decline and accounting for likely massive calorific surpluses in Japan, I’m unlikely to get there until sometime in Q1/Q2 of 2016.

But I’ve got to stick to this!


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