Weight Loss Update 2

Since my last Weight Loss Update post I have really stepped up the effort on calorie counting. As previously mentioned, it’s the only method that works for me. What gets measured, gets done.

Besides wanting to be healthier and to look better, another motivating factor was discovering the Asian BMI Calculator. The main difference between the standard BMI  and the Asian one is that the Asian index is more negatively sensitive toward weight gain. Apparently, this is because Asians have a genetic propensity to store stomach fat more than non-Asians, which can create a higher-risk trigger for diabetes and other health issues. It also proves my theory that the standard BMI is too generous for Asians, as Asians tend to have smaller builds. Under the standard BMI, I am considered “healthy”. In the Asian BMI, I am overweight 😦 When I get to my target, I will be “healthy” in the Asian BMI.

The calorie counting is working, resulting in approximate reductions of 0.5 kilos a week for the past month or so. Won’t get to 60kg by Japan (unless I severely starve and dehydrate myself…), but I’ll keep counting!


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