Japan beauty haul December 2015

Haul post time! 😀

So how did my actual purchases compare to my wishlist?

I ended up getting most of my wishlist items, but as usual, always a few impulse items as well. I actually spent a lot this time… ^^’

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find Derizum at all! I did find Panna Pompa (only at @cosme affiliated stores), but felt maybe I had too many cleansers at home – not like that stopped purchases in other categories! I decided against the DETClear Peeling Jelly as when I tried testers, the Ettusais one seemed more effective. I also was not able to find the My Melody packaging until the final night, where at that point I felt maybe I shouldn’t get another peeling exfoliator, given that I am only two-thirds through my Cure bottle after first opening it two years ago.

This is a really long one…


Yeah, it’s a lot. ^^’ Doesn’t even include snacks and other miscellaneous items I bought!


Left to right (purchase price in yen, purchase location)

Canmake and Sunscreens

Left to right (purchase price in yen, purchase location)

Other SkincareIMG_3829.JPGLeft to right (purchase price in yen, purchase location)

Make up

Left to right (purchase price in yen, purchase location)

  • Fairydrops Perfect Set (Y2507, Yodobashi Akiba) My most expensive purchase! I wanted to get this last time, but I couldn’t find it. The Perfect Set is in collaboration with an AKB48 member, so trust it to be found in Akihibara, the home of AKB48…  You get three products for the price of two, but based on the inactivity of the website, I suspect this brand is probably being discontinued :\ I might have to use these fairly quickly, as these could have been manufactured a while ago… It appears that Fairydrops sales distribution has been severely limited. The online website states that the online shop closed in August 2015, but the products will continue to be sold. Doing a bit of a google, it appears they are being sold online via Rakuten.
  • Shiseido Baby Powder 50g (Y299, Yodobashi Akiba) Impulse buy as I was tricked by a very prominent display and cheap price. I saw it cheaper at Matsumoto Kiyoshi later for about 270 yen. Turns out this is a white/translucent oil control power. I’ve gotten lazy with oil control products, so I’m not sure how much I will use this! Haha, this item is old school with an initial release date from 1971!
  • AC Wonder Collect Powder My Melody 10g (Y1500, Matsumoto Kiyoshi) Kinda impulse. I had seen this online before travelling and it was hard to resist the cute characters! The Tuxedo Sam is actually the cutest one, but at the time I went with My Melody. The Hello Kitty looks a bit oddly proportioned.
  • Bifesta Moisturising Water Cleansing Eye Makeup Remover 145ml (Y739, Matsumoto Kiyoshi) Impulse buy as I was kinda swayed due to the freebie Cleansing Gel Clay-In 30g sample and I had previously read good reviews on Bifesta. I hardly wear eye make-up…

Hello Kitty! 🐱IMG_3831.JPG

Left to right (purchase price in yen, purchase location)

  • Malon by TBC x Hello Kitty Aesthetic Mask 5 sheets (Y360, Matsumoto Kiyoshi) Impulse buy. There were a lot of Hello Kitty masks in Japan, but I decided on this one as it was cheap and the packaging design was cute. I wonder if Kitty’s face is printed on the mask?
  • Bordered by a Hello Kitty fork and spoon from Seria, another 100 yen shop. Both Y108* each.

On the edge of my top picture, you can see some some facial cottons. Japanese cottons are just incomparable to Western cottons in quality and price point. My favourite are Silcot. This time I bought Muji (Y250*), Silcot (Y130*) and a generic Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Y122) brand.

Price disclaimer: Note all prices stated are tax-free and after discounts, unless asterisked. I purchased most products tax-free. All products purchased from Yodobashi Akiba also include 5% VISA credit card discount.

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4 thoughts on “Japan beauty haul December 2015

  1. That’s a lot of shopping! I think your photos got flipped upside down.

    Last time I was in Japan, I only been to those drugstore like twice and only bought a sunscreen for myself. Then I went to a supermarket place where I bought a Shiseido face cream which I think is pretty good and cheap too (pharmacy range).

    1. Yes, it seems like some of the photos have flipped for some people. I sort of know why and I thought I had fixed this using my PC, but I might need to fix it at the source (iPhone).

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