Weight Loss Update 3

There’s not really any weight loss progress to update since the last one.

Since my last entry and now, most of my time has been in Japan. For me, this meant lots and lots of eating. Those who have access to my facebook would have seen the massive amount of food I ate. That doesn’t even include the mountains of snacks I had everyday, since I didn’t bother photographing and/or uploading them.

For the first half of the trip, I pretty much tried every milk tea variant I could find. Kocha Kaden Royal Milk Tea, Gogo no Kocha, hot, cold, Strawberry Milk Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, Chai Latte, Healthy Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea, Muji Tapioca Milk Tea, etc. you name it! These things are usually sugary as and packed with calories.

I also ate lots of desserts, like cakes, sundaes, ice cream, etc.

Despite Japan having a reputation for healthy food, it’s actually quite hard to consume a healthy portion of vegetables when frequently dining out in Japan. Japanese home cooking does emphasises vegetables, but when I travel, I’m not going to be cooking! The plethora of convenience stores are just so convenient! They are pretty cheap too. This encourages plentiful snack consumption.

So as you can see, I had a heap of calories during my trip. I didn’t bother to calorie count, as it’s way too hard when you eat so much.

Amazingly, I appeared to have not gained weight! 😮


  1. So much walking! When I’m in Melbourne, for at least 80% of my waking day, I am sitting down. Usually on my work chair or my home computer chair. When I travel, I am out and about; exploring. I would say in Tokyo, my daily average was at least 20,000 steps. My daily average in Melbourne can be as low as 5,000 steps if I don’t make an effort.
  2. Not eating breakfast. Not eating breakfast is something I actually started doing about six months ago. I have found that I just don’t feel hungry in the morning any more. Plus, when my average get-up time in Tokyo was around 11am, the first meal was lunch anyway. There are mixed studies on whether breakfast is actually important for adults. I believe it’s crucial for developing kids and young adults, but less so for adults. On rare occasions I do feel ravished during breakfast time, so I will eat breakfast if I’m hungry. Listen to your body!
  3. Smaller Japanese food portions generally. Even if you get a mighty teishoku set meal, the food portions are smaller than Australia. This accounts for snacks as well. In Australia, a bag of tasty chips might be around 40g. In Japan, they are more around the 20g size. Yes, it would be smarter if I had self portion control, but most people don’t (and the food industry realises this). If that bag is 40g (or more 😀 ), I am going to eat it all!!!

Now that I’m back home, I have to get back into calorie counting and exercise effort. Otherwise, I will just get fat(ter) again.  Got to reach that goal weight!


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