Weight Loss Update 4

Unfortunately, not too much to update again 😦

I had some progress by mid January, but have fallen back into bad habits or feeling like I should reward myself with food. Work’s been really busy and I have fallen into the trap of feeling can’t be bothered going to the gym and just wanting to vegetate at home. It’s been over a fortnight since my last gym visit and my step count has been pretty ordinary.

Speaking about step count, I read this interesting article The 10,000-step question recently.

The last two days I have been watching I Used To Be Fat. All of the participants have way more weight to lose than me, so most of the episodes are pretty inspiring. That said, they focus so much on the workouts than the food plans and many of the participants are actually expected to workout for hours (e.g. 6 hours!) daily! Not really feasible for most people…

I must get back into it. This is the year to achieve my 55kg goal. I am accountable only to myself!

Tomorrow is the start of a new lunar new year. Another opportunity for a new start! Happy Chinese New Year all!



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