Weight Loss Update 7 – Stagnation

Not much progress really…

On the upside, I haven’t gone up overall, but I haven’t lost anything at all. I’m a bit yo-yoing at the moment. For a fair while, I’ve been going up by about 1 kg or so and and then I’d lose it again by being slightly more conscious. Plus the last few weeks, my exercise has completely dropped off. Wasting all that gym membership money 😦

Motivation hasn’t really been good either. It’s so easy after work to just go and vegetate at home. Work is stressful and I know in my mind, exercise would help with the stress. However, I guess my gut(?) would rather be lazy…

I was hoping I could motivate myself to reach a deadline by a certain event, but I can’t focus my mindset at the moment. I should follow Nike and Just Do It, but it’s so much easier said than done…


I should at least try and get to my Asian BMI healthy weight!


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