Weight Loss Update 8 – ???

It’s been almost three months since my last progress update. Typically that means no progress has been made. I’m actually not sure how to title this progress update really because I feel I have had some progress, but also not really.

For quite a while, I got stuck in a funk with my mindset towards food and additionally, I was pretty much giving up on any exercise. I just couldn’t get my mind re-trained to must lose weight again. I must have felt like giving up. Then, through triggers due to my work situation, I decided I could take control of one particular thing that should also eventually benefit my mood. I really threw myself into exercise, trying to get myself to the gym as much as possible. Maybe somewhat surprisingly, the motivation didn’t last, but I did get back that impetus! Then, I got really sick. Like a major cold. Not a flu, just a really bad cold where I had to take nearly a full week off work. Through this, my partner bought me soup to which I discovered, some of this soup is seriously low calorie! This La Zuppa Lentils soup is 26kcal!!! :O This is lower than the miso soup I drink! And real vegetable soups are around the 100 to 150kcal mark and provide my much needed more serves of veggies too. And hence, I’ve almost put myself on a soup diet!

This soup diet concept worked for a a few weeks, but then I feasted during my short trip in Malaysia (mmm, tasty food). When I put myself back on a soup diet upon returning, I couldn’t resume as strictly. Now that I was feeling better (i.e. not sick), I realised I now had more appetite and wanted to eat more food again.

So, all in all, I made some progress, but have also cancelled out some of that progress… A constant theme with these entries is mindset. I will keep trying!


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