Japan, let’s go!

I think I’m losing count of how many times I’ve been to Japan now…

2001 – with High School.
2008 – with mum.
2012 – with partner.
2013 – with partner.
2015  – with partner.
2017 – with partner. Yep another trip booked!

Next year will be my 6th trip there! It’s a place I don’t think I will ever want to stop returning. My partner really wants to go again this year around Christmas time, but you can never get discounted flights during that period.

Despite my frequent returns, it’s a country I don’t think I could live in. Not unless I was rich! There’s not really a concept of work-life balance and there are still some very “traditional” notions about a women’s place in society. Plus, on a more superficial note, I don’t think I could bear the horrid humid summers, unless I was up north, say Sapporo, or something haha!

Well, another Japan trip booked! That means there will be another shopping post at least after it all. Time to start updating that wishlist! Can’t wait to eat ALL the food! It really “surprises” me that I didn’t really take an interest in the Convenience Store (konbini) food until recent trips with my partner. Each time I visit Japan, I discover something new and things change, even in the same cities. Unfortunately as the years go by, my Japanese level gets worse and worse…

Four months to go!


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