Weight Loss Update 9 – This ain’t going to be the year of 55

Once again, it’s been another long period since my last update. Since then, one major personal event happened – a positive one. Post that major personal event, I have almost been way too relaxed with my food and exercise. Call it a honeymoon binge? I hadn’t been to the gym since late June and I didn’t finally return until September. More concerning is my monitoring of food intake has been pretty much out the door. It’s quite amazing how quickly I can gain weight really without checking in on myself. Damn ageing metabolism!

I had a goal this year to get down to 55kg. Actually, I’ve had this goal for ages! Just before I went to Malaysia in July, I was probably the closest to my goal. In Malaysia, I had an incredible time with the food. My weight went up a bit, but I restrained myself a little to make sure I would fit in my dress! For the actual wedding, I would probably say I got almost back to my pre-Malaysia weight, but I really should have been closer to my goal, not further.

Right after the wedding, I’ve been on almost a free-wheeling binge of ALL the food! I also haven’t been able to get back into a ‘eat healthier’ mindset either, e.g soups, salads, less crap food like chocolates and chips, etc. It really is a mindset thing. I also wasn’t doing any exercise either. Besides the usual overriding laziness, it was almost like a fear of returning the gym. The fear of going back on to that treadmill and not being able to run at the same competence as previously. The fear of not being to lift the same level of weights. The fear that my gym pass would finally be electronically cancelled and I wouldn’t be able to enter. They might sound like silly fears and excuses, but they definitely added to my inertia of not making that trip up to the gym.

However, I eventually got back on the treadmill horse. Although running isn’t a huge contributor to weight loss, at least my habit is redeveloping. I’m also part of a work walking challenge and that keeps me going and accountable in that I don’t fail other’s expectations in the team. When I resumed the gym, I didn’t run at the same pace or non-stop at the same time as before my pause, but it didn’t take long to quickly regain it.

I have really got to work on food. Be less tempted with all the delicious calorific choices; stop buying junk food when it’s on special (I’m looking at your Connoisseur Ice Creams and Cheezels…); and stock up on more healthier options.

I will be working to end the year below a certain number, but 55 will be impossible with less than 2 months to go (unless I totally crash diet, which I will NOT do).

So in conclusion, unfortunately this is another year of not getting to 55. Next year!


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