Nearly one month to go!

To another Japan holiday that is! 😀

Usually a big aspect of the Japan holiday is the excitement of gathering up a beauty wishlist. This time, I seem to be less enthusiastic. I think partially it’s because the last time I went was not very long (a year ago) and the last time, I hauled big! Combined with purchases, freebies and competition wins in Melbourne, I still have a more than an ample stash. Honestly, I could probably survive on not buying any beauty products for at least two years! 😳

However, the greed in me means I will still definitely be buying beauty stuff this time, but my list will be smaller. I do have a wishlist post in draft, but I don’t know if I’ll end up finishing and posting it.

There’s a weird part of me that feels that I’m less looking forward to this trip than usual. We have almost finalised itinerary, so I now know where we will be going. Some places will be revisits of cities I have been to previously, so in some respects maybe it feels less exciting? However, I do believe I will be looking out for different aspects compared to previous visits.

I think another large part is change in my work pressures. For so long, I’ve felt that I’ve been under phenomenal pressure at work, that my holidays were a much needed respite from the stress of work. It’s not like I don’t want to go on holiday, but in some weird way, maybe I feel like I don’t need it as much? Sometimes, holidays create a sense of being able to abandon all responsibilities and when you are snowed under with a million things coming at you; behind you, above you, besides you, it’d just made me want to runaway from it all! There have been times during previous holidays where I have been struck by a gripping anxiety dread at the thought of returning to work. It’s not healthy to feel like that and even thinking back to those moments causes a resurgence of pain to my body 😦 Work issues are another story and probably something I prefer not to elaborate on my blog. It is something I really need to have a good long think about though.

This will also be my sixth trip to Japan. Am I getting bored of it? No! I will continue to re-visit often, but I do also want to visit other countries as well. To me, Japan is such an ideal place to holiday. If I didn’t have to work for a living, I would definitely consider moving there for a short period.

Nonetheless, despite my seemingly reduced zeal, I definitely can’t wait to eat my way through Japan. Om nom! 😀 Combini, I am comin’ atcha! 😀

Nearly one month to go!


















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