Weight Loss 2017 Update 1

I’ve hit a plateau. A laziness plateau. I’ve lost the routine of going to the gym regularly. The last time I went was probably a few weeks ago and before that, it was probably a few months ago. The establishment and habit of routine is so vital! It’s like training your brain to expect certain things, e.g. it’s Tuesday night, that means I’m going to do this.

Early on in my new job, I started walking home. It’s a good 40 minute walk at a reasonable pace (~5km/hr). I thought this might help counteract the lack of gym exercise, but based on the scales, it definitely hasn’t. I need exercise that really makes me sweat and induces DOMS to really make a difference.

I have found my weight seems to fluctuate a lot. By a lot, I mean up to 2kgs. I don’t think it used to fluctuate as much. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve lost the routine of exerted exercise or it’s part of just getting old 😦


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